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chemXPERT is the software solution for the administration and documentation of all your chemicals – simple, fast and direct.

Organise chemicals perfectly – chemXPERT offers maximum ease of use thanks to its intuitive interface and clear design, and at the same time meets all requirements for laboratories, institutions and companies working with chemicals. You can easily document storage, retrieval, inventory levels, disposal and orders.

chemXPERT | Advantages

chemXPERT offers many advantages for your
laboratory or institution

Gesetzeskonform mit smarter Chemikalienverwaltung
Finally – order in your laboratory
The complete chemXPERT package makes documenting storage, retrievals, inventory levels, disposal and orders very easy.
Datenabgleich bei Wägung mit smarter Chemikalienverwaltung
Connects to your scales
You can also connect your scales to chemXPERT during weighing, so you immediately have all your information in one system.
Voller Überblick mit smarter Chemikalienverwaltung
Everything in the institution at a glance
chemXPERT displays all relevant information such as hazard warnings, safety data sheets, emergency numbers and minimum inventory. Additional information on any chemical can be added at any time.
Gesetzeskonform mit smarter Chemikalienverwaltung
Automated and legally compliant
Never run out of inventory again by making use of automatic reordering on time, every time. All that with full legal compliance and easy reporting.
chemXPERT, giftbuch, verwaltung, giftbuchverwaltung

Take the right step today with chemXPERT from bartelt and organise your laboratory activities perfectly once and for all!

chemXPERT | Features

Digitally document and manage chemicals
for efficient performance in institutions and laboratories

Fast set-up
In the Cloud version, chemXPERT runs immediately after registration by email – on any computer. With no lengthy or expensive set-up. Can also be installed locally if required.
For products by any manufacturer
No matter which systems and devices you use, chemXPERT is always compatible and offers you all options.
Printing lists as PDF files
For different applications, you can create practical lists according to predefined criteria with just a few clicks.
Easy to understand and intuitive
The user interface, designed by experts and developed with the input of colleagues, is just as simple as it is practical.
Set up chemicals yourself
Never before has it been so easy to set up a new chemical at the click of a mouse and to allocate it or manage it as desired.
Direct reordering
chemXPERT offers the ability to reorder chemicals that are running low directly from the software – no more bottlenecks!
Data exports as CSV files
Your entire chemical inventory – individually arranged according to requirements – can be intuitively arranged and exported as a practical CSV file.
Easy retrieval and disposal
Whether list or history, chemXPERT creates the desired overview for retrievals or disposal easily and quickly.
Electronic hazardous chemical register
All the effects of your chemicals are summarised clearly and in detail, so you have the most important information available immediately.
User and rights management
Add new users or remove existing ones with just a click and define their exact rights faster than ever with chemXPERT.
Store measurements from the scales
Simply connect your measuring scale to chemXPERT and enjoy the convenience of having your measurements transferred immediately and automatically.
Optimum overview
Everything under control: Keep a close eye on inventory, containers and storage locations at all times and plan resources with foresight with the help of chemXPERT.
6.000 chemicals pre-imported
Your complete solution from chemXPERT already has 6.000 pre-imported chemicals which you can access with just one click.
Absolute legal compliance
You will never have to worry again whether all chemicals are being handled or stored according to current legal requirements – chemXPERT takes care of all that.
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We create custom software for any laboratory. Inexpensive, easy to operate and, of course, individually expandable as required.

Robert Löscher, Deputy Manager of Software Development at Bartelt GmbH

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