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Efficient laboratory information system


Efficient laboratory information system for hospital use: datalabX

Your hospital laboratory intelligently and effectively organised – with smooth workflows, accurate data tracking and smart data exchange. This is how datalabX facilitates daily hospital routine in the laboratory. It is backed by a great deal of know-how: The software specialists at bartelt have over 30 years experience developing LIMS/LIS laboratory software solutions for the clinical-diagnostic field. You benefit from a mature solution that is constantly adapted to your laboratory requirements and to the latest technology.

Extension modules: datalabXdepot, datalaXpoct, datalabXmibi

datalabX | Advantages

datalabX: the laboratory information system tailored
to your needs

Cost savings with simplest integration
datalabX LIS is incomparably affordable because it runs securely and without restrictions on inexpensive standard hardware. It uses exclusively industry standards for operating systems and databases. The greatest advantage: Both users and system administrators can work in a familiar environment. The clear screen design also ensures maximum working comfort and best usability.
Smart operation even at high load
datalabX LIS is demonstrably fast and reliable. This laboratory software avoids process bottlenecks by making optimum use of the latest load-balancing software technology. The critical interaction between the host and the analytical instruments is outsourced to the laboratory device server, guaranteeing system load sharing.
Modular, scalable laboratory information system
Thanks to its modularity and scalability, datalabX LIS can match any change in your laboratory, and is continuously being improved. datalabX LIS also provides the extension modules datalabXdepot, datalabXpoct and datalabXmibi, which can be upgraded any time as needed, enhancing the economic and operational benefits of the existing installation.
Flexibly expandable system structure
Thanks to its system architecture, datalabX LIS can be flexibly, easily and quickly integrated into existing HIS structures. Any required customer-specific adjustments can be realised at a reasonable cost, thanks to the system architecture.
datalabX | Features

Many advantages with our laboratory information system

Optimal system integration
Its flexible, simple, fast integration into existing HIS structures is a point in datalabX’s favour, guaranteeing high budget efficiency. Thanks to the open system architecture, customer-specific customisations are possible at low cost.
Precise individual customisation
The datalabX LIS laboratory information system can be operated in several languages simultaneously and makes use of industry standards for operating systems, databases and interfaces, virtually eliminating compatibility issues.
Structured process management
datalabX anticipates upcoming process bottlenecks and uses state-of-the-art software technology to provide intelligent support. Redundancies also tend towards zero, in general achieving considerable system relief, among other things, by outsourcing the interaction between the host and the analytical devices to the laboratory equipment server.
Cost effective in every phase
datalabX is always extremely budget friendly, whether in terms of purchase, operation or maintenance. Working in a familiar environment for operators and modular adaptability to your laboratory further enhances cost effectiveness.
Practical extension modules
You also have access to the expansion modules datalabXdepot, datalabXpoct and datalabXmibi. They offer you exactly the support you need for optimum processes.

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