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Laboratories and institutions rely on smplXPERT –
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of your samples.

Storage and management of all your samples is as simple as it is efficient: With smplXPERT you can optimally manage resources and processes in the sample storage area. It starts with the registration of the sample and continues until its retrieval. Just a few steps to te next generation of sample storage software – start now!

smplXPERT | Advantages

Always have an overview of every sample, for effective processes with high productivity

Sample storage and management in top form
Whether cryotank, ultra low freezer or refrigerator, all storage types are fully mapped and remain perfectly visible everywhere in the individually customisable user interface.
Compelling field-tested features for professionals
Export data quickly or compile lists in a few clicks and document the entire history. Further key benefits: Create additional fields and users, and define rights freely. Stay completely manufacturer-independent.
Optimal solution for laboratories and institutions
Make full use of your potential and stay flexible with smplXPERT. Scalable and adaptable to your specific requirements. It makes the previously time-consuming storage and administration of samples a pleasure.

smplXPERT revolutionizes all your management and documentation activities.

smplXPERT | Features

All the advantages for your laboratory -
Benefit from smplXPERT

Installs in a flash
In the Cloud version, smplXPERT can be up and running on any computer in seconds. Enjoy the full range of services instantly – no further adjustments are necessary.
For products by any manufacturer
Compatible with any system or device – smplXPERT opens up the entire field of application with any equipment fleet or software standard without limitations.
Retrival and watch lists
No matter the project or the area, you can create and print the lists you want in a matter of seconds with smplXPERT.
Intelligent user interface
Developed by professionals for professionals and fine-tuned again and again over many years, the intuitive user interface was designed by experts in their fields and has continually been optimised under tough laboratory conditions.
Setting up sample materials
It could not be simpler: Just a few mouse clicks and you can create a new sample material in no time at all – even assignment and administration works exactly according to your requirements.
Map any storage type
Whether cryotanks, ultra low freezers or simply refrigerators, enjoy the freedom to determine the number and type of your storage facilities and always be perfectly organised.
Define additional fields
The most common individual applications in the laboratory or institution are greatly facilitated by this practical additional function.
Mapping of special sample containers
You want more than the default: With smplXPERT, even special cases can be easily handled and mapped without complicated processes.
Sample history available even later
Not every software can do this: Even after samples have been retrieved, their history is retained and can be traced even much later
User and rights management
Adding or removing users becomes child’s play thanks to the self-evident system, and the appropriate rights can be defined quickly and precisely.
Scalability for your laboratory
Customisable to your wishes and budget, smplXPERT adapts to you and your laboratory or institution. There is hardly any other laboratory software so versatile and precise.
Export data as XLS (Excel)
No matter how large your sample storage, it is easy to generate practical Excel lists even with complex filters for any purpose you need or define.
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