Additional description fields (info, comment, sample quantity, unit) are already available in the delivered system. In case additional fields are required, they must be prepared using the “Loosefield-Editor”. Here you can enter a (German and English) name for the field and set the field type.

The following field types are available: text, text area, selection (list), integer, decimal, checkbox (to tick) and date.

The individual list elements and a default value can be specified for a list.

Each field can be marked as mandatory.

The fields from the “Loosefield-Editor” can then be assigned to sample materials (master data) in the “Loose Fields” tab.

In Sample Management, these loose fields can be added to the search filter in the upper right corner.

First, fill out all fields in the menu item “License request”. Click the “Request license key” button, and the system will go directly to the “License request” tab. Here you can either send the license request directly by email, or copy it to the clipboard and send it using another method.

Please send license requests to edv@bartelt.at with “License request” in the subject line, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As soon as your license key has arrived (usually within two working days), you can import it using the “Read license key” button under the “License Request” menu item. And done!

There are three license types: “Basic”, “Standard” and “Enterprise”.

Basic” is limited to five chemicals and one user.

Standard” is limited to 100 chemicals and five user.

With the “Enterprise” license the number of chemicals is unlimited and the number of user is limited to 20.

User and chemical packages can be purchased at any time for the “Standard” license.

A user package can be purchased at any time for the “Enterprise” license.

Yes, all data, storage locations and samples as well as all your master data will be retained.

Yes, the number of users is limited depending on the license.

“Basic” = 1 user
“Standard” = 5 users
“Enterprise” = 20 users

Yes, smplXPERT is a web application. You can access it from all PCs in the same network via the browser. Simply enter the IP address of the computer running smplXPERT in the URL instead of localhost.

Example: Instead of localhost:8080/oxstock/login?returnUrl=%2Fdashboard use 8080/oxstock/login?returnUrl=%2Fdashboard

Create your samples with the desired aliquot you want. The system will initially assign automatic sample IDs (e.g. “S89”).

Then use the pencil icon to switch to the detail area for of the specific samples and enter the barcode number using a barcode reader, or manually.

Select the sample to be moved in Sample Management and then use the “Store” button to store it in a new position.

When creating a new sample, the selection list of sample materials is sorted by the number in the “Order” field of the sample material. We recommend using steps of 10 here, and giving the locked sample material a very high number (e.g. 900). This places it at the end of the list.

If a box already has samples in it, the design of the box cannot be changed for safety reasons. Either empty the existing box and change the design or create a new box with the desired design.

For this purpose, you have to tick the option “Patient active” in the settings (which can be reached most quickly by clicking on the username at the top right).

The patient fields are now displayed in the Sample Management in the filter, as well as in the sample detail (new sample).