bartelt | Efficiency and safety in transfusion medicine

Blood depot management


Simple blood depot management with datalabXdepot

The blood depot software datalabXdepot can be used either as a stand-alone module or as a module integrated into datalabX for the management and administration of a blood depot. The organisation and control of the medical transfusion processes are in compliance with the relevant regulations and secure. You also have a detailed view of every relevant process at all times

bartelt | Features

Efficiency and safety in transfusion medicine

All the data at a glance
The technically leading blood depot software datalabXdepot provides all relevant data such as product origin, product type, blood bag management, availability, issue, return delivery and destruction of canned goods.
Electronic delivery note
No more paper chaos thanks to digital delivery notes. datalabXdepot is the result of careful planning and, like datalabX, a close cooperation with specialists in the field of medical transfusions.
Patient data fully under control
datalabXdepot provides full access to administrative and medical patient data. The entry of patient data in case of laboratory emergencies is also greatly simplified. Patients registrated multiple times can also be merged with just a few clicks.
Absolutely patient-oriented
datalabXdepot is designed to be completely patient-oriented in all respects – for example, when reserving blood bags, in the overview of all transfused blood bags and for transfusion documentation. This is what makes the software so user-friendly.
Efficient documentation and administration
Not only does datalabXdepot perfectly handle the documentation of the cooling chain during delivery, the intelligent software also seamlessly records blood bag history and manages its administration at different storage locations or during multiple intersections.
Comprehensive quality assurance
The clearly documented rule sets for blood groups and blood bags also contribute significantly to high quality in hospital laboratories. Users also benefit from the extremely simple configuration using master data or based on the smart recording option for all laboratory parameters, including ISBT 128 support.
Interface compatibility
datalabXdepot works perfectly with all common systems and offers interfaces to other systems (LIS, HIS, blood depot) and laboratory equipment.

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