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Support for micromiology
with datalabXmibi


Wide range of examinations
datalabXmibi supports the documentation of cultures, as well as the identification and resistance determination of bacteria and fungi from different materials. It also supports state-of-the-art molecular procedures and receives results securely online. Serological tests round off the spectrum.


bartelt | Features

Support for microbiological procedures

Infections firmly under control
Often things need to be done fast and in-house sources of infection have to be located quickly. datalabXmibi supports this by providing reports along several dimensions. There is also the option of exporting the data to specialized systems such as MOMO from Medexter
Future-proof due to enormous variability
You never know what the future might bring, but nobody wants to end up in a dead end. This is where the concept of group tests comes in. With almost unlimited nesting depth, there is probably no challenge that datalabXmibi cannot overcome. Sub-parameters such as MHK always remain in the right context and guarantee a full overview.
MIBI material makes it easy
The starting point for master data is special indicators for the materials, which allow you to respond act to them in an appropriate way.
Online first
From microbial counts to antibiograms to PCR – datalabXmibi works with any online device and builds the results into the right structure.
Right from the start
With datalabXmibi you have the ability to process the request electronically in the unit. datalabXorderentry takes all the various requirements of the microbiology request into account.
datalabXmibi manual entry
Microbiology still sees a lot of “manual work”. With the special data entry form, you can independently set up structures and enter results automatically or manually.
Easiest possible system integration
datalabXmibi is fully integrated into the LIS, not only allowing the integration of devices from any manufacturer, but even eliminating the need to set up a separate patient interface to the HIS, as patients are transferred directly from datalabX. Likewise, no separate database is necessary when using datalabX.
Full overview of relationships between master data
Though datalabX looks simple at first glance, it nevertheless handles the high complexity of microbiology perfectly. Germs and antibiotics can be manually entered and processed via the user interface. However, due to the large amount of data, we are also thinking of a direct transfer from a terminology server.
You are not alone
Especially given the complexity of microbiology, it is important to build up the right master data structures right from the start. You can access our experts to ensure that your microbiology is on a firm footing.
Control is better
Data entry errors are easy to make, so it is good to know that someone else is keeping an eye on it. With the result matrix, implausible entries are immediately exposed and reported.

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