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POCT-integration into laboratory event and results processes with datalabXdepot

POCT is a term for diagnostic examinations which are usually not performed in a central laboratory but in close proximity to the patient. This might be in hospitals in normal or intensive care units or in the operating room. With datalabXpoct, POCT results can be viewed and presented in the same way as laboratory results. However, it should be noted that a distinction is made between laboratory and POCT results.


bartelt | Features

Optimisation of the clinical decision basis

Fast results for rapid decisions
In everyday clinical practice, things often need to happen fast and important decisions have to be made under time pressure. It is precisely here that POCT comes into play. Therefore, POCT is primarily used in intensive care units, for anaesthesia, in outpatient clinics and in dialysis.
Full overview and centralisation
Key features of datalabXpoct include the loading of POCT instruments with patient, operator, reagent and control material data, as well as central and clear quality control (even RiliBÄK). Practically a matter of course: full support of the POCT1A standard.
datalabXpoct Assistant
To assign measurement results without case or recording numbers, the web application “datalabXpoct Assistant” based on Web 2.0 technology can be used. This intermediate step even becomes unnecessary if the data can be scanned on a POCT device. The manual assignment of measurements with incorrect or missing patient identification is easy with the POCT Assistant.
Important parameters in seconds
In medicine, there are so-called emergency parameters that are needed in the shortest possible time, such as electrolytes, blood gas and coagulation values, renal function values, cardiac enzymes and other measurements. However, glucose and urine tests, blood counts and the rapid detection of pathogens are also possible with POCT.
Accurate quality control everywhere
With datalabXpoct you have the option of monitoring required devices in detail and detecting malfunctions immediately, according to prevailing quality standards such as RILIBÄK.
Automatic data transfer
datalabXpoct frees up your team for important core tasks by ensuring the automatic transfer of patient measurements into the routine findings (marking as POCT results is supported)
Easiest possible system integration
datalabXpoct not only allows the integration of devices from any manufacturer, but even eliminates the need to set up a separate patient interface to the HIS, as patients are transferred directly from datalabX. Likewise, no separate database is necessary when using datalabX.
Stand-alone operation or in combination
In addition to offering easy stand-alone operation (through datalabX® with limited functionality in the background), devices with POCT1A standard can of course also be directly connected (without AIM – LGServer).
Mixed operation also easily supported
Laboratory devices connected via AIM (serial interface) can also be operated as POCT instruments (mixed mode) Laboratory devices can also be operated as routine and/or POCT instruments (automatic time switching to day / night operation) Mixed operation with vendor-specific software solutions is possible (Radiance, IT1000, etc.).
Independently mobile
Mobile measurement devices such as blood glucose meters are optimally supported by datalabXpoct and execute spatially independent process chains.

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