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Program for connecting scales

How can i connect my scale to chemxPERT?

To connect a scale to chemXPERT, some preparatory measures must be taken:

  1. A scale with a serial interface (RS232) or a network connection is required.
  2. A serial cable (SUB-D 9 or 25 pin male / female) or network cable is required.
  3. The Bartelt AIMConnector software must be installed and set up.
  4. The scale must be configured accordingly in chemXPERT

When all preparatory measures have been taken, the AIM Connector can be started. You can now open the program and click the “Setup” button. Next, enter the server port. The default port is “8080”, you can keep it unless otherwise stated. After clicking the “Save Settings” button, the application automatically closes and must now be restarted.

In the AIMConnector, a “new” scale is created with the “Additional Connection” button. A new tab is created. Click on this tab and adjust the settings for your scale.
The following points should be filled out:

Connection Type Serial

Select “Serial” if your scale is directly connected to a serial interface on the PC.
From the “All Com Ports” selection box, select the COM port to which the scale is connected. This is then automatically transferred to “Com Port”.
Assign a name to the scale, using the “Source Name” field, with which you want to address it in the application. The values of “Baud Rate”, “Data Bits”, “Stop Bits” and “Parity” should match the settings of the scale. Also important is the type of cable with which the balance is connected. Normally, the description of the scale indicates the correct type of cable. We maintain a list of scales and related cables on our website. You either need a so-called “null modem cable” or a “serial extension cable” with appropriate plugs (SUB-D 9 or 25 pin, male / female).

If you cannot find your scale in our list and yet you have the right cable, tell us the scale type and the right cable and we can add it to the list.

Select “Netcom” if your scale is connected to a network. The scale should run in “server mode”. Give the scale a name in the “Source Name” field with which you want to address it in the application. Netcom IP Address and Netcom Port should match the settings on the scale.

Ethernet to Serial Device Service (Netcom)
If your scale is connected to an Ethernet-to-serial device service (serial-HUB), e.g.: from the company VS-Netcom, choose “Netcom” again.
In “Netcom IP Address” enter the IP address of the Ethernet-to-serial device service and in “NetCom Port” the corresponding port.

Regex (Regular Expression)
The data transferred from the scale should be in an appropriate format to be correctly processed by the application. That can be achieved with a corresponding regex (regular expression). Since scales from different manufacturers and types send data in different formats, every scale requires a special regex. We intend to build a collection of scales and the associated regex and make them available in our website.

Button Save Settings”
Saves the Settings in a configurations file in order to keep them even after closing the AIMConnector.

Button „Delete Tab“
Deletes the settings for this scale (configured in the current tab).

Button „(Re)Start“
Applies the settings that have just been changed.

Raw Data
If your scale has been correctly connected, you should see the “raw data” that your scale transmits. The raw data must be transformed accordingly using a Regex.

Processed Data
If the data has been “correctly” transformed, it will be displayed here in two columns (value, unit).

Regular Expression (Regex) for a scale

If your scale is not in the list of scales, you can try a Regex from other scales. If one fits, please let us know and we can integrate it in the list. If you want to create a regex yourself, we recommend the “Debug” mode. Here you can copy the data string from “Raw Data” and paste it into the field “Input”. With the “Send” button, you can try to transform the value as often as you need and keep on editing the regex until it works without having to send the value multiple times from the scale.
If you do not find a regex that matches, please send us your characters from “Raw Data” per email to We will create an appropriate regex and publish it on our website.

Connect the AIMConnector with chemXPERT

In the “System options” you will find the option group AIMConnector.
There you have to adjust the settings with those of the running AIMConnector.

  1. Activate AIMConnector
  2. Connect automatically
  3. IP-Address (Default: – If AIMConnector and chemXPERT are running on the same computer, the IP address can remain at (localhost).
    Otherwise, enter the IP address of the computer on which the AIMConnector is running.
  4. Port (Default 8080) – The same port as on the AIMConnector must be entered here.

After saving the system options, chemXPERT will try to connect to the AIMConnector.
A green message or a green AIM sign at the top of the screen indicates that both systems have successfully connected.

Scales Master Data
If you want to connect several scales to chemXPERT, you have to create them here. If you use only one scale, you can edit the default scale SCALE1 immediately. Here the module name must match the source name in the AIMConnector. Pay attention to upper and lower case!

A mouse click on the AIM symbol opens a dialog that displays all received messages.

Pay attention to how the transfer from your scale is set. Depending on the manufacturer, you can change the settings of the scale, for example, you can set when it transfers the measured values (continuously, when a stable measured value is reached or when the “Print” key is pressed, etc.).

Connect website to a scale with chemXPERT

First, the balance must be physically connected to the PC. To do this, you will need an appropriate cable.
Information about the appropriate cable can be found in the manual of the manufacturer of your scale.
Unfortunately, we found that the quality of these descriptions varies greatly, depending on the manufacturer.
That is the reason why we try to collect information for different scale types and manufacturers on this page.
If you cannot find your scale here yet, please contact us directly or try the existing information for similar scales.

Nullmodemkabel (gekreuzt)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 9 pol femaleConrad Amazon1
Nullmodemkabel (gekreuzt)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 9 pol male2
Nullmodemkabel (gekreuzt)D-SUB 25 pol femaleD-SUB 25 pol female3
Nullmodemkabel (gekreuzt)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 25 pol male4
Verlängerungskabel (1:1)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 9 pol female8
Verlängerungskabel (1:1)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 9 pol male9
Verlängerungskabel (1:1)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 25 pol female10
Verlängerungskabel (1:1)D-SUB 9 pol femaleD-SUB 25 pol male11

Info about the scale

BormacBL224 TouchNull modem([0-9]*\.[0-9]*)\s*([a-z]*)
BormacBL224 Basic1:1([0-9]*\.[0-9]*)\s*([a-z]*)

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